VDO,s Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Letter No. 4163 Dated 15-11-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20221115Download
Letter No. 4018 Dated 07-11-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20221107Download
Letter No. 2786 dated 11-10-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20221011Download
Letter No. 2720 Dated 10-10-2022Regarding Shri Mahaveer Sharma,VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20221010Download
Letter No. 2539 dated 20-09-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20220920Download
Letter No. 2470 Dated 14-09-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20220914Download
Letter No. 2407 Dated 09-09-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter20220909Download
Letter No. 2386 dated 07-09-2022Regarding VDO Transfer/Posting Letter 20220907Download
Letter No. 2111 Dated 08-08-2022Regarding VDO Transfer/Posting Letter 20220808Download
Letter No. 2018 to 2043 dated 01-08-2022 VDO Transfer/Posting Letter 20220801Download
Order No. 1504 dated 15-06-2022VDO Transfer/Posting Letter 20220615Download
Letter No. 977 Dated 02-5-2022VDO's APO Order20220502Download
Order No. 355 Dated 16-02-2022Shri Ramniwas, VDO, Deputation Order20220216Download
Order No. 161 Dated 25-01-2022Shri Ramesh Kumar Gurjar, VDO, Deputation Order20220125Download
Order No. 108 Dated 21-01-2022Shri Jitendra Kumar Meena, VDO APO Order20220121Download
Order No. 125 dated 12-01-2022Shri Laxmikant Yadav,VDO APO Order 20220113Download
Order No. 69 dated 13-01-2022Shri Dharmveer Singh VDO APO Order20220113Download
Letter No. 2292 Dated 30-09-2021VDO Transfer/Posting Letter Dated 30-09-202120210930Download
Letter No. 2297 dated 30-09-2021VDO Transfer/Posting Letter Dated 30-09-202120210930Download
Letter No. 2196 Dated 24-09-2021VDO Transfer/Posting Letter Dated 24-09-202120210924Download
Letter No. 2050 Dated 03.09.2021Regarding VDO Transfer & Posting Letter20210903Download
Letter No. 1927 dated 14-08-2021VDO Transfer/Posting Letter Dated 14-08-202120210814Download
Order No. 1924 dated 13-08-2021VDO's transfer/posting Order20210813Download
Order No. 1615 Dated 23-07-2021VDO's transfer/posting Order20210723Download
Order No. 1617 Dated 28-07-2021Shri Ramsukh Bhadu,VDO transfer/posting Cancelled Order20210723Download
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