Addl. / Asstt. Vikas Adhikari /PPO Transfer/ Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 5337 Dated 07-11-2022 Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20221107Download
order No. 5298 Dated 07-11-2022 Amendment order of Transfer/Posting Order no. 5100 dated 11-10-202220221104Download
Order No. 5166 dated 18-10-2022Shri Ghanshyam Meena , Assistant Vikas Adhikari, APO Order20221018Download
Order No. 5101 Dated 12-10-2022PEO service is returned back to parent department 20221012Download
Order No. 45104 dated 12-10-2022Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20221012Download
Order No. 5100 dated 11-10-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20221011Download
Order No. 5025 dated 06-10-2022PEO service is returned back to parent department 20221006Download
Order No. 4080 Dated 30-09-2022 Additional Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220930Download
Order No. 4005 Dated 22-09-2022Shri Rajpal Saini, Progress Extension Officer service is returned back to parent department20220922Download
Order No. 4027 dated 22-09-2022Assistant Vikas Adhikari, APO Order20220922Download
Order No. 3328 Dated 14-09-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220914Download
Order No. 3284 Dated 09-09-2022 Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220909Download
Order No. 3116 Dated 23-08-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220823Download
Order No. 3055 dated 08-08-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220808Download
Amendment order No. 3036 Dated 08-08-2022Amendment order of Transfer/Posting Order no. 2886 Dated 25-07-202220220808Download
Amendment order No. 3009 Dated 02-08-2022Amendment order of Transfer/Posting Order no. 2959 Dated 29-07-202220220802Download
Order No. 2959 Dated 29-07-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220729Download
Order No. 2923 Dated 26-07-2022Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari Transfer/ Posting Order20220726Download
Order No. 2875 Dated 22-07-2022Shri Rajeev Kumar,Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220722Download
Order No. 2868 Dated 21-07-2022Shri Natharam Jinagar,Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220721Download
Order No. 2845 Dated 20-07-2022 Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220720Download
Order No. 2641 Dated 06-07-2022Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Transfer/Posting Order20220706Download
Order No. 2558 Dated 04-07-2022 Shri Rajesh Kumar, Assistant Vikar Adhikari, Transfer/Posting20220704Download
Order No. 2431 Dated 23-06-2022Additional Vikas Adhikari Transfer/ Posting Order20220623Download
Order No. 983 Dated 01-04-2022Shri Narendra Singh, Progress Extension Officer service is returned back to parent department20220401Download
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