Junior Asst./Others Transfer/Posting Order

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 4306 Dated 24-11-2022 Transfer/Posting Order20221124Download
Letter No. 4161 Dated 15-11-2022Regarding employees transfer/posting Letter20221115Download
Order No. 4160 Dated 15-11-2022 Regarding Class IV Employee transfer/posting Order20221115Download
Letter No. 4017 Dated 07-11-2022Regarding employees transfer/posting Letter20221107Download
Letter No. 3096 Dated 03-11-2022 Regarding employees transfer/posting Letter20221103Download
Order No. 2794 Dated 12-10-2022Regarding Class IV Employee transfer/posting Order20221012Download
Letter No. 2795 Dated 12-10-2022Regarding employees transfer/posting Letter20221012Download
Letter No. 2785 Dated 11-10-2022Regarding employees transfer/posting Letter20221011Download
letter no. 2636 dated 30-09-2022Regarding employees transfer/posting order20220930Download
Letter No. 2601 Dated 27-09-2022 Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220927Download
Letter No. 2538 Dated 20-09-2022Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220920Download
Letter No. 2469 Dated 14-09-2022 Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220914Download
Letter No. 2425 Dated 09-09-2022 Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220912Download
Order No. 2410 Dated 09-09-2022Regarding Class IV Employee transfer/posting Order20220909Download
Letter No. 2408 Dated 09-09-2022Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220909Download
Letter No. 2197 Dated 23-08-2022Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220823Download
Letter No. 2068 Dated 03-08-2021 Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20220803Download
Letter No. 2660 Dated 10-11-2021Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20211110Download
Order No. 2579 Dated 30-09-2021Sh. Bhainru Lal Jat Hand Pump Mistry Transfer/ Posting Order20210930Download
Order No. 2299 Dated 30-09-2021Class-IV/ Assistant employees Transfer/ Posting Order20210930Download
Letter No. 2298 Dated 30-09-2021Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20210930Download
Letter No. 2294 Dated 30-09-2021Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20210930Download
Order No. 2295 Dated 30-09-2021Class-IV/ Assistant employees Transfer/ Posting Order20210930Download
Letter No. 2198 Dated 24-09-2021Regarding Employees transfer/posting Letter20210924Download
Order No. 2197 Dated 24-09-2021Class-IV/ Assistant employees Transfer/ Posting Order20210924Download
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