BDO,s Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 5255 Dated 02-12-2022 BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221202Download
Order No. 5253 Dated 01-12-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221201Download
Order No. 5080 Dated 25-11-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221125Download
Order No. 4897 Dated 16-11-2022Regarding Shri Madhusudan, RRDS transfer cancellation Order20221116Download
Order No. 4876 Dated 15-11-2022Regarding RRDS Posting and APO Order20221115Download
Order No. 4867 Dated 15-11-2022 BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221115Download
Order No. 4755 Dated 07-11-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221107Download
Order No. 4716 Dated 02-11-2022ACEO’S / BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221102Download
Order No. 4673 Dated 01-11-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221101Download
Order No. 4590 Dated 21-10-2022Shri Netram Meena, RRDS Suspension order20221021Download
Order No. 4434 Dated 12-10-2022 BDO's Posting/APO Order20221012Download
Order No. 4435 Dated 12-10-2022Shri Manhar Vishanoi, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20221012Download
Order No. 4433 Dated 12-10-2022Smt. Anita Kumari, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20221012Download
Order No. 4432 Dated 12-10-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20221012Download
Order No. 4345 Dated 06-10-2022 BDO APO Order20221006Download
Order No. 4335 Dated 06-10-2022 BDO Transfer/Posting cancellation Order20221006Download
Order No. 4264 dated 29-09-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220929Download
Order No. 3883 dated 14-09-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220914Download
Order no. 3774 dated 09-09-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220909Download
Order no. 3713 dated 08-09-2022BDO's Transfer /Posting Order20220908Download
Order No. 3709 Dated 07-09-2022BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220907Download
Order No. 3642 dated 01-09-2022BDO's service is returned back to parent department20220901Download
Order No. 3472 Dated 23-08-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220823Download
Order No. 3412 Dated 18-08-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220818Download
Order No. 3394 Dated 17-08-2022RRDS Transfer/Posting Order20220817Download
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