BDO,s Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 3412 Dated 18-08-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220818Download
Order No. 3394 Dated 17-08-2022RRDS Transfer/Posting Order20220817Download
Order No. 3376 Dated 16-08-2022BDO's service is returned back to parent department20220816Download
Order No. 3874 Dated 16-08-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220816Download
Order No. 3377 Dated 16-08-2022BDO APO and posting Order20220816Download
Order No. 3359 Dated 12-08-2022Shri Deepak Choudhary, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220812Download
Order No. 3240 Dated 05-08-2022Shri Ramnarayan Kumawat, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220805Download
Order No. 3180 Dated 03-08-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220803Download
Order No. 3132 dated 30-07-2022 BDO's APO Cancellation Order20220730Download
Order No. 3109 dated 28-07-2022 Shri Harisingh, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220728Download
Order No. 3112 dated 28-07-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220728Download
Order No. 2995 dated 25-07-2022Shri Jagdish Kumar Vyas, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220725Download
Order No. 2928 Dated 22-07-2022Shri Ashok Kumar Pareek, RRDS,Posting Order20220722Download
Order No. 2823 Dated 18-07-2022Smt. Kumud Solanki, RRDS, APO Order20220718Download
Order No. 2822 Dated 18-07-2022Shri Sampat Lal Godara, APO Order and Shri Dinesh Chandra Mishra, APO Cancel order20220718Download
Order No. 2794 Dated 15-07-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220715Download
Order No. 2623 Dated 06-07-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20220706Download
Order No. 2627 Dated 06-07-2022Smt. Kajal Sharma, BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220706Download
Order No. 2541 Dated 01-07-2022RRDS, APO Order20220701Download
Order No. 2433 Dated 27-06-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order 20220627Download
Order No. 2432 Dated 27-06-2022BDO's Transfer/Posting Order Dated 27-06-202220220627Download
Order No. 2342 Dated 21-06-2022BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220621Download
Order No. 2318 Dated 20-06-2022Shri Ajeet Singh Sahriya, RRDS, APO Order20220620Download
Order No. 2327 Dated 20-06-2022BDO Transfer/Posting Order20220620Download
Order No. 2222 Dated 16-06-2022Shri Amit Kumar Sharma, RRDS Order Regarding Transfer/Posting 20220616Download
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