XEN/AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 4993 Dated 21-11-2022 AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20221121Download
Order No. 4754 Dated 07-11-2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20221107Download
Order No. 4430 Dated 12-10-2022AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20221012Download
Order no. 4406 dated 10-10-2022Sh. Rampal Dudi, AEN Joining Order20221010Download
Order No. 4171 Dated 23-09-2022 AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order 20220923Download
Order No. 3884 Dated 14-09-2022AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220914Download
Order No. 3864 Dated 13-09-2022 AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order 20220913Download
Order no 3775 dated 09-09-2022Engineers Transfer/Posting Order20220909Download
Order no. 3779 dated 09-09-2022Sh. Naveen Kumar Balwan, Assistant Engineer, Transfer/Posting Order20220909Download
Order No. 3710 dated 07-09-2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order20220907Download
Order No. 3471 Dated 23-08-2022AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220823Download
Order No. 3314 Dated 10-08-2022Shri Lokesh Meena, AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220810Download
Amendment order No. 3313 Dated 08-08-2022Amendment in transfer/posting order of Shri Manish Poonia,AEN20220808Download
Order No. 3228 Dated 04-08-2022Shri Lokesh Meena, AEN, Posting Order20220804Download
Order No. 3179 Dated 02-08-2022AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220802Download
Order No. 3111 Dated 28-07-2022 AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220728Download
Order No. 3090 Dated 27-07-2022Shri Pramukh Lal Meena,JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220727Download
Order No. 3065 Dated 26-07-2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220726Download
Order No. 2806 Dated 15-07-2022Shri Yashwant Choudhary, AEN, Deputation Noc order20220715Download
Order No. 2490 Dated 29.06.2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220629Download
Order No. 2066 Dated 03.06.2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 03.06.202220220603Download
Order No. 1941 Dated 27-05-2022Shri Rajendra Kumar, JEN, Posting Order20220527Download
Order No. 1759 Dated 23.05.2022Assistant Engineer Appointment & Posting Order20220523Download
Order No. 1507 Dated 12-05-2022Shri Mohan Lal Choudhary, AEN, Transfer/Posting Order20220512Download
Order No. 1452 Dated 09-05-2022Shri Rakesh Parmar, AEN APO Order 20220509Download
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