XEN/AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 2490 Dated 29.06.2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order 20220629Download
Order No. 2066 Dated 03.06.2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 03.06.202220220603Download
Order No. 1941 Dated 27-05-2022Shri Rajendra Kumar, AEN, Posting Order20220527Download
Order No. 1759 Dated 23.05.2022Assistant Engineer Appointment & Posting Order20220523Download
Order No. 1507 Dated 12-05-2022Shri Mohan Lal Choudhary, AEN, Transfer/Posting Order20220512Download
Order No. 1452 Dated 09-05-2022Shri Rakesh Parmar, AEN APO Order 20220509Download
Order No. 1285 Dated 25.04.2022AEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 25.04.202220220425Download
Order No. 884 Dated 29-03-2022Shri Mohan Lal Nehra, AEN, Transfer Order Cancellation 20220329Download
Order No. 652 Dated 07.03.2022Shri Vishram Meena, Asstt. Engineer service is returned back to Parent Department20220307Download
Order No. 585 Dated 28-02-2022Shri Rajendra, AEN service is returned back to parent department20220228Download
Order No. 175 Dated 28-01-2022Shri Shrikant Sharma,AEN Posting Order Dated 28-01-202220220128Download
Order No. 177 Dated 28-01-2022AEN/AAO service is returned back to parent department20220128Download
Order No. 3401 Dated 14-12-2021Shri Dilip Jadwani, AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order20211214Download
Order No. 3225 Dated 01-12-2021Smt. Seema Sharma, AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order20211201Download
Order No. 3138 Dated 17-11-2021Shri Ramphool Sharma, AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order20211117Download
Order No. 3082 Dated 12-11-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 12-11-202120211112Download
Order No. 2913 dated 20-10-2021JEN Transfer/Posting Cancel Order 20211020Download
Order No. 2914 Dated 20-10-2021JEN APO Order Dated 20-10-202120211020Download
Order No. 2750 Dated 30-09-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 30-09-202120210930Download
Order No. 2752 Dated 30-09-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 30-09-202120210930Download
Order No. 2567 Dated 24-09-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 24-09-202120210924Download
Order No. 2381 Dated 03.09.2021Shri Niranjan Suman, Assistant Engineer Transfer & Posting Order20210903Download
Order No. 2230 dated 13-08-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 13-08-202120210813Download
Order No. 1894 Dated 23-07-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 23-07-202120210723Download
Order No. 1562 Dated 01-07-2021AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 01-07-202120210701Download
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