Retirement/Suspension/Terminate/Reinstate Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 358 Dated 30-01-2023Shri Karni Singh Dhaliwal, JEN, Regarding Service Order20230130Download
Order No. 344 dated 27-01-2023Shri Ashok Kumar Sharma, JEN Retirement Order 20230127Download
Order No. 305 Dated 24-01-2023Shri Dilip Singh Saharan, AEN Retirement Order 20230124Download
Order no. 188 dated 17-01-2023 AEN Retirement Order 20230117Download
Order no. 163 dated 13-01-2023 BDO Retirement Order 20230113Download
Order no. 151 dated 10-01-2023Amendment Retirement Order 5704 Dated 30-12-2022 20230110Download
Order no. 5703 and 5704 dated 30-12-2022 Retirement Order20221230Download
Order no. 5634 dated 05-12-2022Assistant Vikas adhikari reinstate Order20221205Download
Order no. 5548 dated 29-11-2022Retirement Order20221129Download
Order no. 4717 dated 02-11-2022Regarding Amendment in order no. 466820221102Download
Order no. 4668 dated 31-10-2022AEN Retirement Order20221031Download
Order no. 4663 dated 31-10-2022XEN Retirement Order20221031Download
Order No. 4653 Dated 28-10-2022Shri Mahendra Singh,BDO Retirement order20221028Download
Order No. 4458 dated 13-10-2022Sh. Dhan Singh, RRDS Suspension order20221013Download
order no. 5103 dated 12-10-2022 Assistant Vikas Adhikari Suspension order20221012Download
order no. 5030 dated 07-10-2022 Assistant Vikas Adhikari Suspension order20221007Download
order no. 4208 dated 28-09-2022 BDO's Retirement order20220929Download
order no. 4054 dated 28-09-2022 Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement order20220928Download
order no. 3935 dated 16-09-2022BDO's Retirement order20220916Download
Order no. 3303 dated 14-09-2022Sh. Mitthu Lal Sharma, Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Suspension Order20220914Download
Order no 3301(A) dated 14-09-2022BDO Service Terminate Order20220914Download
Order No. 3248 Dated 08-09-2022Shri Jagdish Narayan Sharma, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20220908Download
Order No. 3707 Dated 07-09-2022 Smt. Meenakshi Saharan, JEN, Suspension Order20220907Download
Order No. 3640 Dated 01-09-2022Shri Ramgopal Pareek,RRDS Retirement Order20220901Download
Order No. 3618 Dated 31-08-2022Shri Devkishan Nagar,AEN, Retirement Order 20220831Download
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