Swacch Bharat Mission(Gramin)

Latter Regarding Sadharan sabha SBMG Dated 31-05-2022Download
Regarding Request for quotations SBMG Dated 17-09-2019Download
Regarding organizing GRAM SAMRIDHI EVAM SWACHHTA PAKHWADA from 1st October to 15th October 2017Download
District wise progress regarding photos upload and ODF declaration and verification as on 17.07.2017Download
Regarding video conferencing for the review of progress of Swacch Bharat Mission(Gramin) Program Progress.Download
Regarding payment of incentive amount for the construction of a toilet under the Swacch Bharat Mission(Gramin) Dated 14-07-2017Download
Letter to District Collectors regarding making District ODF under SBM(G) as per CM's Announcement dated 16-05-2017Download
Model DPR of Solid and Liquid Waste ManagementDownload
Baseline survey disadvantages families eligible individual toilets Construction Order no.2038 Dated 29-10-2015Download
Collector Conference Minutes 23 July 2015Download
National Sanitation awareness week(25-09-2015 to 11-10-2015) under SBM(G) Dated 19-09-2015Download
Cancellation of Tender for EOI under SBM dated 18/09/2015Download
Administrative and Financial Sanction order no. 1359 Dated 22-07-2015Download
Inter Districts Verification Letter order no. 1221 Dated 09-07-2015Download
Toilet availability in Govt. offices order no. 1162 dated 02-07-2015Download
Inter Districts Verification Letter order no. 1175 Dated 02-07-2015Download
Construction of IHHL order no. 1158 dated 1-07-2015Download
Payment of IHHL order no. 626 dated 24-04-2015Download
Administrative and Financial Sanction order no. 602 Dated 20-04-2015Download
Order for Toilet Availability and Toilet Sensation eligible candidate order no. 592-593 Dated 15-04-2015 and order no 860-861 dated 22-05-2015Download
School & Aganwadi Toilet Sanction order no.3822 Dated 28-11-2014Download
Order Restructuring of the NBA and its replacement by SBM(G) order no.3497 dated 10-10-2014Download
Rajasthan State Sanitation Hygiene Communication and Advocacy Plan 2013-17Download
Sanitaion and Hygiene Communication Strategy and Plan for the State of RajasthanDownload
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Communication Plan for Rajasthan (2013-2017)Download
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