Junior Asst./Others Transfer/Posting Order

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 1018 dated 08-04-2021Class-IV/ Assistant employees Transfer/ Posting Order20210408Download
Letter No. 1017 Dated 08-04-2021Employees transfer/posting Letter20210408Download
Letter No. 12 Dated 03-01-2021Employees transfer/posting Letter20210103Download
Order No. 13 dated 03-01-2021Class-IV/ Assistant employees Transfer/ Posting Order20210103Download
Order No. 2646 dated 31-12-2020Hand Pump mistri transfer/posting order20201231Download
Order No. 2641 dated 31-12-2020 Class-IV Transfer/ Posting Order 20201231Download
Letter No. 2642 Dated 31-12-2020 Regarding Employee Transfer/Posting 20201231Download
Letter No. 2640 Dated 31-12-2020 Regarding Employees transfer/posting 20201231Download
Order No. 2622 dated 24-12-2020 Class-IV Transfer/ Posting Order 20201224Download
Letter No. 2623 Dated 24-12-2020 Regarding Employees transfer/posting 20201224Download
Order No. 2197 dated 23-10-2020Class-IV Transfer/ Posting Order20201023Download
Letter No. 2196 Dated 23-10-2020Employees transfer/posting Letter No. 2196 Dated 23-10-202020201023Download
Letter No. 1746 Dated 03-09-2020Regarding transfer/posting Letter No. 1746 Dated 03-09-202020200903Download
Letter No. 1747 Dated 03-09-2020Regarding transfer/posting Letter No. 1747 Dated 03-09-202020200903Download
Letter No. 1728 Dated 02-09-2020Regarding transfer/posting Letter No. 1728 Dated 02-09-202020200902Download
order no. 1168 dated 25-08-2020Peon Transfer/Posting order 20200825Download
Letter No. 1491 Dated 10.08.2020Regarding issuing transfer/posting order20200810Download
Order No. 3174 dated 29-09-2019Hand Pump Mistri Transfer/ Posting Order No. 3174 dated 29-09-201920190929Download
Letter No. 3167 Dated 29-09-2019Peon Transfer/Posting order no. 3167 dated 29.09.201920190929Download
Letter No. 3166 Dated 29-09-2019Regarding issuning transfer/posting order Letter No. 3166 Dated 29-09-201920190929Download
Letter No. 3186 Dated 29-09-2019Regarding issuing transfer/posting order Letter No. 3186 Dated 29-09-201920190929Download
Letter No. 3163 Dated 27-09-2019Regarding transfer/posting Letter No. 3163 Dated 27-09-201920190927Download
Order no. 3133 dated 26.09.2018Peon/Driver Transfer/Posting order no. 3133 dated 26.09.201820190926Download
Regarding issuning transfer/posting LetterRegarding issuning transfer/posting Letter No. 3132 Dated 26-09-201920190926Download
Order No. 3597 dated 26-09-2019Hand Pump Mistri / Fitter Transfer/ Posting Order No. 3597 dated 26-09-201920190926Download
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