BDO,s Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order no. 1246 dated 13-04-2021BDO's Transfer/Posting order 20210413Download
Order No. 1089 Dt. 31.03.2021BDO APO Cancellation Order 20210331Download
Order no. 959 dated 22-03-2021Shri Vinesh Kumar, RRDS, APO Order 20210322Download
Order No. 905 Dated 17-03-2021BDO's Transfer/Posting Order and Cancellation order service is returned back to parent department 20210317Download
Order no. 755 dated 10-03-2021Smt. Kumud Solanki, RRDS, APO Order20210310Download
Order no. 477 dated 15-02-2021BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20210215Download
Order no. 436 dated 11-02-2021BDO's, service is returned back to parent department20210211Download
Order no. 253 dated 29-01-2021Shri Indrasingh Rajpurohit, BDO, service is returned back to parent department20210129Download
BDO APO Cancellation OrderBDO's APO Cancellation Order No. 162 Dt. 22.01.202120210122Download
Order no. 118 dated 15-01-2021Shri Sant Kumar Meena, BDO, service is returned back to parent department20210115Download
Order No. 06 dated 03-01-2021 BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20210103Download
Order No. 2073 dated 31-12-2020 BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20201231Download
Order No. 2060 dated 24-12-2020 Sh. Arvind Singh Choudhary BDO's Transfer/Posting Order 20201224Download
Order No. 2062 dated 24-12-2020BDO's Transfer/Posting order20201224Download
Order No. 2065 dated 24-12-2020 BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20201224Download
Order no. 1963 dated 18-12-2020Sh. Harphool Singh Choudhary, BDO, APO order20201218Download
Order No. 1936 dated 16-12-2020BDO's Transfer/Posting Order Dated 16-12-202020201216Download
Order No. 1821 dated 23-11-2020Shri Lalit Kumar,BDO Transfer/Posting Order Cancellation Order20201123Download
Order No. 1716 dated 27-10-2020Order regarding APO of Shri Vishwanath Sharma, BDO20201027Download
Order No. 1715 dated 27-10-2020Order regarding APO of Shri Arvind Singh Chaudhary,BDO20201027Download
Order No. 1695 dated 26.10.2020BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20201026Download
Order no. 1663 dated 21.10.2020BDO's Transfer/Posting Order20201021Download
Order no. 1591 dated 09-10-2020BDO, service is returned back to parent department20201009Download
Order no. 1375 dated 16-09-2020Sh. Manoj Kumar, BDO, Awaiting Posting Order20200916Download
Order no. 1214 dated 02.09.2020 BDO's transfer/posting order20200902Download
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