XEN/AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting/Deputation Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order no 1228 dated 08.04.2021AEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 08-04-202120210408Download
Order no 745 dated 09.03.2021 Shri Sukhveer Singh, AEN APO Order20210309Download
Order no 613 dated 02.03.2021Shri Dinesh Kumar, AEN, Deputation Order20210302Download
Order no 597 dated 27.02.2021 AEN Transfer/Posting Order20210227Download
Order no 321 dated 03.02.2021Superintendent Engineer Transfer/Posting Order20210203Download
Order no 05 dated 03.01.2021AEN Transfer/Posting Order20210103Download
Order No. 04 dated 02.01.2021Shri Anil Kumar, JEN transfer/posting cancle order.20210102Download
Order No 2074 dated 31-12-2020 AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order20201231Download
Order No 2067 dated 28-12-2020 JEN Transfer/Posting Order20201228Download
Order No 2066 dated 24-12-2020AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order20201224Download
Order no 2064 dated 24-12-2020AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order 20201224Download
Order no 1991 dated 21.12.2020Shri Girraj Singh Koli, AEN transfer/posting order20201221Download
Order no 1847 dated 27.11.2020Shri Shyam sunder, AEN APO order 20201127Download
Order no 1378 dated 16.09.2020AEN transfer/posting order dated 16.09.202020200916Download
Order no 1255 dated 04.09.2020AEN transfer/posting order20200904Download
Order no 1215 dated 02.09.2020 AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order20200902Download
Order no 1630 dated 20.08.2020AEN Transfer/Posting Order20200820Download
Order no 1511 dated 13.08.2020AEN Transfer/Posting Order20200813Download
Order No. 1487 dated 10-08-2020AEN Transfer/Posting Order20200810Download
Order No. 1479 dated 07-08-2020Shri Sukhdev Singh Mandawriya, AEN Transfer/Posting Order20200807Download
Order No. 1407 dated 04-08-2020Shri Jitendra Khurana, AEN Transfer/Posting Order20200804Download
Order No. 1257 dated 22-07-2020 Shri Bhagwan Sahay Gupta, AEN Posting Order20200722Download
Order No. 505 dated 27-02-2020Shri Bhagwan Sahay Gupta, JEN APO Order No. 505 dated 27-02-202020200227Download
Order No. 483 Dated 25-02-2020Shri Ramdayal Vijay, AEN Transfer/ Posting Order No. 483 dated 25-02-202020200225Download
Order No. 175 dated 22-01-2020Shri Ravindra Singh,AEN APO Order No. 175 dated 22-01-202020200122Download
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