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Transfer/Posting Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting OrderAEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2449 dated 19-06-201720170619Download
PEO, Transfer/Posting OrderPEO, Transfer/Posting Order no. 2432 dated 16-06-201720170616Download
JEN Transfer/Posting Order Shri Krishna Gopal Sharma, JEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2392 dated 15-06-201720170615Download
RRDS Transfer/Posting OrderShri Hemaram,RRDS, Transfer/Posting Order no. 1369 dated 13-06-201720170613Download
BDO Transfer/Posting OrderShri Ramchandra Meena ,BDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.1362 dated 12-06-201720170612Download
AEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation OrderSh. Balkrishan Koted, AEN, Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order no. 2294 dated 09-06-201720170609Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Anil Vyas, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2281 dated 08-06-201720170609Download
PEO, Transfer/Posting OrderShri Hajari lal Kuldeep, PEO, Transfer/Posting Order no. 2282 dated 08-06-201720170608Download
BDO's, APO Order BDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.1327 dated 07-06-2017 20170607Download
BDO, APO Order Sh. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1285 dated 06-06-201720170606Download
RRDS APO order Sh. Vinesh Kumar , RRDS APO, order no. 1302 dated 06-06-201720170606Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Bhagwana Ram, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2203 dated 02-06-201720170602Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Sohail Khan, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2183 dated 02-06-201720170602Download
Service of Supervisor First /Gramoudhyog Extension Officers, is returned to the paternal departmentService of Supervisor First /Gramoudhyog Extension Officers, is returned to the paternal department, Order dated 29-05-201720170529Download
BDOs Transfer/ Posting order dated 23.05.2017BDOs Transfer/ Posting order no. 1166 dated 23.05.201720170523Download
BDO's, APO/Posting order dated 23.05.2017BDO Awaiting Posting Order No. 1167 dated 23.05.201720170523Download
BDO's, service is returned back to parent departmentShri Mragendra Kumar Sharma, BDO's, service is returned back to parent department Order Dated 17-05-201720170517Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Surendra Singh Choudhary, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 1772 dated 08-05-201720170508Download
JEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Ramesh Chand Meghwal, JEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 1771 dated 08-05-201720170508Download
AEN, APO orderAEN Awaiting Posting Order No. 1733 dated 05-05-201720170505Download
Cancelation of AEN Transfer/Posting OrderCancelation of AEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 05-05-201720170505Download
PEO APO Order No.1731 dated 04.05.2017Sh. Indra Singh Meena, PEO APO, Order No.1731 dated 04.05.201720170504Download
BDO APO Order No.1025 dated 04.05.2017Sh. Babliram Jat, BDO APO, Order No.1025 dated 04.05.201720170504Download
Cancelation of JEN Transfer/Posting Order Cancelation of JEN Transfer/Posting Order Dated 01-05-201720170501Download
RRDS, APO OrderMs. Aarti Gupta, RRDS, Awaiting Posting Order No.942 dated 25-04-201720170425Download
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