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Transfer/Posting Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
BDO, APO OrderBDO's Awaiting Posting Order No.2036 dated 17-08-201720170817Download
BDO's, APO Order BDO's Awaiting Posting Order No.2015 dated 10-08-201720170810Download
BDO, APO OrderShri Rajendra, BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1994 dated 04-08-201720170804Download
BDO Transfer/Posting OrderShri Ramchandra Saini, BDO Transfer/ Posting Order No.1951 dated 02-08-201720170802Download
BDO's Transfer/Posting OrderBlock Development Officer's Transfer/ Posting Order No.1952 dated 02-08-201720170802Download
BDO, APO Order BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1927 dated 31-07-201720170731Download
AEN Transfer/Posting Order Shri Anil Kumar Mathur, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 3147 dated 31-07-201720170731Download
BDO's, service is returned back to parent departmentSh. Dashrath Singh, BDO, service is returned back to parent department order No. 1924 dated 31-07-201720170731Download
JEN, APO OrderSh.Laxman Meena , JEN Awaiting Posting Order No.3002 dated 27-07-201720170727Download
BDO Transfer/Posting OrderShri Dhanpat Singh Raw ,BDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.1888 dated 27-07-201720170727Download
BDO Transfer/Posting OrderShri Ramchandra Meena ,BDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.1882 dated 25-07-201720170725Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Naresh Kumar Sharma , BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1833 dated 20-07-201720170720Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderShri Ramesh Chand Meena, AEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2914 dated 20-07-201720170720Download
AEN, Transfer/Posting OrderSh. Sanjay Goyal, AEN, Transfer/Posting Order No.2889 dated 19-07-201720170719Download
BDO's, APO OrderSh. Diwakar Meena, BDO's APO Order No.1822 dated 19-07-201720170719Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Mahesh Kumar Chouhan, BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1805 dated 18-07-201720170718Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Deshraj, BDO Awaiting Posting Order No.1804 dated 18-07-201720170718Download
BDO's, service is returned back to parent department BDO's, service is returned back to parent department order No. 1812 dated 18-07-201720170718Download
BDO APOOrderBDO's APO Order No.1769 dated 13-07-201720170713Download
JEN, Transfer/Posting OrderSh. Kiran Singh, JEN, Transfer/Posting Order No.2781 dated 12-07-201720170712Download
RRDS Transfer/Posting OrderShri Jagdish Gurjar ,RRDS, Transfer/Posting Order no. 1724 dated 11-07-201720170711Download
JEN, Transfer/Posting OrderSh. Anand Kumar, JEN, Transfer/Posting Order` Order No.2640 dated 30-06-201720170630Download
AEN/JEN Transfer/Posting OrderAEN/JEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2449 dated 19-06-201720170619Download
PEO, Transfer/Posting OrderPEO, Transfer/Posting Order no. 2432 dated 16-06-201720170616Download
JEN Transfer/Posting Order Shri Krishna Gopal Sharma, JEN Transfer/Posting Order no. 2392 dated 15-06-201720170615Download
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