Retirement/Suspension/Reinstate Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 2632 Dated 06-10-2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20211006Download
Order No. 2561 Dated 17-09-2021Feroz Khan, RRDS, Suspension Order20210917Download
Order No. 2401 Dated 09-09-2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210909Download
Order No. 2302 Dated 03-09-2021Shri Bhanwar Lal Sharma, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210903Download
Order No. 2301 Dated 03-09-2021Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210903Download
Order No. 2105 dated 13-08-2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210813Download
Order No. 2087 Dated 11-08-2021Shri Mukesh Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Suspension Order20210811Download
Order No. 2027 Dated 02-08-2021 Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210802Download
Order No. 1938 Dated 23-07-2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210723Download
Order no 1807 dated 13.07.2021Shri Roop lal khadul, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210713Download
Order No. 1666 Dated 06-07-2021Shri Omprakash Sharma,Additional Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210706Download
Order no 1504 dated 28.06.2021Shri Pratapsingh, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210628Download
Order no 1448 dated 18.06.2021Shri Balwant Singh Begad, JEN, Suspension Order20210618Download
Order no 1482 dated 18.06.2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210618Download
Order No. 1444 Dated 11-06-2021Shree Fatehsingh Chauhan,Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210611Download
Order no. 1311 dated 07-06-2021 On retirement , BDO's service return back to parent department.20210607Download
Order no 1391 dated 27.05.2021Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210527Download
Order no 1390 dated 27.05.2021Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210527Download
Order no 1258 dated 16.04.2021Shri Rajendra Kumar, JEN, Suspension Order20210416Download
Order no 1361 dated 09.04.2021Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210409Download
Order No. 1232 dated 07-04-2021 Shri Rooplal, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Reinstate Order20210407Download
Order no 1236 dated 07.04.2021Shri Prahlad Meena, Assistant Vikas Adhikari, Suspension Order20210407Download
Order No. 1153 dated 26.03.2021Shri Mularam Godara, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210326Download
Order no 1043 dated 18.03.2021Shri Gopal Ram, Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210318Download
Order no 979 dated 09.03.2021Additional/Assistant Vikas Adhikari Retirement Order20210309Download
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