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Swacch Bharat Mission(Gramin)

Model DPR of Solid and Liquid Waste ManagementDownload
Baseline survey disadvantages families eligible individual toilets Construction Order no.2038 Dated 29-10-2015Download
Collector Conference Minutes 23 July 2015Download
National Sanitation awareness week(25-09-2015 to 11-10-2015) under SBM(G) Dated 19-09-2015Download
Cancellation of Tender for EOI under SBM dated 18/09/2015Download
Administrative and Financial Sanction order no. 1359 Dated 22-07-2015Download
Inter Districts Verification Letter order no. 1221 Dated 09-07-2015Download
Toilet availability in Govt. offices order no. 1162 dated 02-07-2015Download
Inter Districts Verification Letter order no. 1175 Dated 02-07-2015Download
Construction of IHHL order no. 1158 dated 1-07-2015Download
Payment of IHHL order no. 626 dated 24-04-2015Download
Administrative and Financial Sanction order no. 602 Dated 20-04-2015Download
Order for Toilet Availability and Toilet Sensation eligible candidate order no. 592-593 Dated 15-04-2015 and order no 860-861 dated 22-05-2015Download
School & Aganwadi Toilet Sanction order no.3822 Dated 28-11-2014Download
Order Restructuring of the NBA and its replacement by SBM(G) order no.3497 dated 10-10-2014Download
Annexure-27(Monthly Monitoring of Annual Implementation Plan)Download
Annexure-28(Budget Template for Trainings)Download
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Communication Plan for Rajasthan (2013-2017)Download
Annexure-26(Block level Monthly Reports)Download
Annexure-21(Memorandum of Understanding between DSM and Entrepreneur RSM-PC)Download
Annexure-22(Rajasthan Council of Elementary Education)Download
Rajasthan State Sanitation Hygiene Communication and Advocacy Plan 2013-17Download
Swachh Bharat Mission(G.) Broucher 1Download
Swachh Bharat Mission(G.) Broucher 2Download
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