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Letter No. 394 Dated 07-02-2019Regarding the construction of roads by the grant amount under the 100-day work plan 20190207Download
Letter No. 272 Dated 28-01-2019Regarding the construction of panchayat buildings 20190205Download
Circular No. 280 Dated 29.01.2019To make every mokshdham as a modal, arrange necessary facilities for mokshdham under FFC/SFC20190129Download
Letter No. 66 dated 08.01.2019Regarding the availability of vehicle for inspection of the engineers working in Panchayat Samiti and Zilla Parishad according to the provision under the 14th Finance Commission.20190108Download
Letter No. 3182 dated 03.10.2018Regarding land in the public interest for drinking water works20181003Download
Letter No. 3148 dated 27.09.2018Guidelines for Installation of Solar Street Light.20180927Download
Letter No. 139 Dated 16-08-2018Reminder Letter Regarding the assembly elections Letter Dated 16-08-201820180816Download
Letter No. 2756 Dated 07-08-2018Regarding the assembly elections Letter Dated 07-08-201820180807Download
Letter No. 2727 Dated 03-08-2018Regarding implementation of the PMJVK for the welfare schemes of the minorities Letter Dated 03.08.201820180803Download
Letter no.2544 dated 19/07/2018Regarding the maintenance of ponds and dams during the rainy season20180719Download
Letter no. 1493 dated 08.05.2018 "Monsoon 2018 Preparedness"20180508Download
Letter no. 3723 dated 27.12.2017Regarding use / printing the logo of Pt Deendayal Upadhyay on the letter pad of government departments.20171227Download
Letter no. 3580 dated 15.12.2017Order Regarding Installation of LED Lights. 20171215Download
Order No 1565 Dated 13-06-2017Regarding proper management for the safety measures of ponds under Panchayati Raj20170613Download
Letter no. 1175 dated 12.05.2017Regarding Transfer of Plantation to Forest Deptt. under MJSA Phase-I20170512Download
construction of boundary wall under FFC and SFC Pancham schemeRegarding construction of boundary wall under FFC and SFC Pancham scheme order dated 17-04-201720170417Download
Cut Motion Information Cut Motion Information VSQ no. 2518 20170317Download
order no 100 dated 08/03/2017Regarding lighting system in rural areas20170308Download
Supreme court Writ Petition no. 252/2005Supreme court Writ Petition no. 252/2005 TREE V/s Union Bank of India20170209Download
Information Board OrderInformation Board Order Dated 24-01-201720170124Download
Administrative and Financial Sanction No. 37/2016-17EU-SPP/MJSA Sanction No. 37/2016-17 dated 23-01-2017 20170123Download
Cluster-ExtensionOrder no. 4715 regarding Cluster-Extension dated 19-12-201620161219Download
Expenses Detail of Hand Pump Mistri & Fitters AllotmentSend Expenses Detail of Hand Pump Mistri & Fitters Allotment dated 06-12-201620161205Download
order no. 4565 regarding newly created Gram Panchayats order no. 4565 regarding newly created Gram Panchayats dated 28-11-201620161128Download
Electricity bill payment letter dated 24-11-2016Electricity Bill of JJY & Regularize illegal electricity connections Letter No.4527 dated 24-11-201620161124Download
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